Crossball combines the beauty of baseball's individual play, tension and physics with the speed, dexterity and thrills of lacrosse.

David W. Brown

Victoria, B.C., Canada


Crossball is the combining of America's favorite pastime, baseball, with Canada's original sport, lacrosse. The game is played on a baseball field. The main differences are the pitcher and batter are on the same team, the fielders and pitcher play with lacrosse sticks instead of gloves and the ball used is a lacrosse ball instead of a baseball.

Crossball is born!

Crossball is new to the world it was created in Victoria, B.C., Canada. My hope is that everyone interested in Crossball will take the time to help spread this new game to the world. By joining the federation each contact has the opportunity to enhance this new games presence. Any games, pictures, etc, can be sent to to be displayed on the events page. Together we can make this new game grow. Thanks

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