Logo on Jersey
Anyone who is a player contact can have the C.B.I.F. logo sent to them in digital form via email. Visit your local SPORTING GOODS store for duplication. There are no fees required to receive this logo, all that is required is joining the player contact list. In the future, 1 crest will be sewn onto each uniform. The logo will be applied to the UPPER SLEEVE.

Uniform Company

The uniform worn by each team will be announced in the future. Arrangements are being made so that each team in the federation will wear the same type of jersey and shorts, supplied by one company worldwide.

The Official Jersey Logo

Below is an example of the jersey logo for official use by Crossball International Federation Members.


Actual crest logo size. 85mm x 85mm

White area background material consists of professional Pro twill.

You can only change letter color to suit the color of your uniforms.

Black and white stays as is.

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Jersey Logo
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