Players and Positions
Offence: Batter, Pitcher Defense: Catcher,

Centerstop-(stands near pitcher)

1st Base,

2nd Base,


3rd Base,

Right Fielder,

Center Fielder,

Left Fielder


Crossball is played on a baseball diamond. The game is similar to baseball, however the players play with lacrosse sticks, and the pitcher and batter are on the same team. The distance between home plate and pitching mound is 50 feet. The distance at the elite level will be same as in baseball, 60 ft. The ball used is a lacrosse ball.

[1]The pitcher, using a lacrosse stick throws the ball to his teammate the batter. The batter attempts to put the ball into play using a baseball bat. The pitcher does not play defense, he must exit the playing field when the ball is hit into play.

[2]Like in baseball, the batter cannot leave the batters box to hit a ball. The batter gets 3 PITCHES ONLY. NO EXCEPTIONS. Pitches that bounce are still hittable. Pitches CANNOT be "RAINBOW" (high lob) this will be judged by the umpire. A "RAINBOW" pitch will result in loss of that pitch.

[3]NO LEADOFFS. NO STEALING, runners can only advance when the ball is hit by the batter into play (fair ball). Runners can only advance one base on a ball thrown out of play.

[4]Players CAN use their free hand to field the ball. Players CAN NOT throw the ball with their free hand. All throwing has to be done with the lacrosse stick. Like in baseball, a runner who is hit by a fair ball while advancing, is out. If the pitcher is struck by the ball,the play is dead resulting in a loss of that pitch. Fielders can not crosscheck or interfere with the baserunners. This is a non-contact sport.

[5] The batter is tagged out with the fielders free hand while the ball is in the stick, if the ball is dropped the runner is deemed safe. The runner can also be tagged out with the ball in the hand. No tagging out with the lacrosse stick. The runner can not interfere with the fielder or his lacrosse stick. The lacrosse stick can not leave the players hands to stop the ball.

[6]All fielders lacrosse sticks are box lacrosse sized, except the outfielders have the OPTION of using field lacrosse sticks(the longer types.) Roster consists of 12 players, 9 on field at a time. 3 outs end half a crossing (name used instead of inning.) Each player must pitch half a crossing. The game is 9 crossings, pending extra crossings. Game can not end in a tie. A tie game is decided same way as in baseball.

(Rules are subject to change)


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